Christine Nabukeera Writing, Editing and Proofreading



To be successful, individuals and organizations have to seek new perspectives and develop new partnerships on a continuing basis. This means engaging with others in ways that allow them to tap into the knowledge and experiences that bring a deeper understanding of the issues they seek to address. 


​Helping people with diverse ideas and experiences deliberate and explore avenues for joint action have been the foundation of this work. My approach includes the theory of a dialogical self, a concept that signifies the multiplicity of voices that seek to be heard. By bringing in the voices, values, and advice of those who have an interest in the issues you are working on, you can gain new and valuable insights, build commitment, and discover innovative solutions.


A dialogic framework contributes to optimal engagement and opens up to different ways of knowing. Identifying with dialogue is about learning to feel safe and comfortable in a situation where there are multiplicity and uncertainty.  

Through this process, I help you carry out strategic planning, self-assessment, community development processes that engage members, identify clear goals, and mobilize new resources.



My viewpoint is to provide the people I serve with excellent services through ongoing collaboration and active learning. I put substantial effort into building networks so that I can provide my clients with a broad range of services to meet their specific needs.